About us

The factory for production of pellets and briquettes are located in Bulgaria, the city of Plovdiv. We're new into this bussines for pellet and briquette production, but we do have a great potential and good opportunities. We started production in 01.04.2013

Pellets and briquettes, which are produced from "MS" are 100% conifer wood, which combined with the modern German technology gets a very good products.

The proof is the high calorific value, the low ash content, controlled humidity and bulk density, a parameters wich are performed in hourly monitoring from us…

Indicators of pellets, produced by us:

  • Wood pellets - 100% softwood
    • diameter - of 6 mm.
    • moisture - max. 8%
    • ash - max. 0.4% to 0.8% / depending on the class /
    • calorific value - 4.8 kcal. to 5.10 kcal. / Depending on the class /
    • volume density - 620 kg/m3 ≥