"Motocar Service" is an official representative of the German manufacturer for forklift trucks Linde Material Handling in Bulgaria.

The offered product range includes:

  • forklifts - diesel and gas forklift trucks with lifting capacity from 1.2 up to 52 tonnes;
  • electro forklifts with lifting capacity from 1 up to 4.8 tons;
  • storage facilities (walking Reach and low electric pallet trucks, stackers, reach trucks, commission, order picker, three-machine and hand pallet trucks) with a capacity of 1 to 2.5 tonnes;
  • container (richstackers) for full and empty containers with forklift from 8 up to 45 tons;
  • *Ex proof equipment for working in explosive and hazardous environments.

The company own a storehouse for spare parts for all models of forklift trucks Linde. Highly skilled professionals provide warranty and service of delivered equipment . In order to improve support services is a network of 5 branches in the cities of Sofia, Plovdiv , Varna, Gabrovo , Shumen and Stara Zagora. The response time for the service staff of the entire territory of Bulgaria is within 24 hours. In parallel to these activities " Motocar Service " Ltd provides comprehensive processing of recycled equipment with brand Linde, designed for both Bulgarian and the European market.

Crane Ltd. is a company specialized in the design, manufacture and supply of photovoltaic panels on technology - mono and polycrystalline, and other solar applications.

The company focuses its efforts in developing solar systems that can provide a cost effective and economical source of electricity, such as:

  • Domestic photovoltaic (solar) systems
  • Solar pumps for water
  • Portable photovoltaic systems
  • Photovoltaic Canopies
  • Mobile refrigerated using electricity produced from photovoltaic modules
  • Self cold storage
  • Photovoltaic system for construction container

The production line has an annual capacity of 2 MW and makes it possible to produce photovoltaic modules that the costumers can use in various types of solar systems - autonomous and hybrid network . Although the production of Crane Ltd. solar modules are made from a high quality materials from reputable manufacturers, our engineers have developed and implemented a system for process control / controlled process / . This ensures continuity of production of our photovoltaic modules over years of operation. Ambition of the company is to follow the trends of photovoltaics worldwide and make it a reliable partner. We provide to our customers a competitive prices and terms for high quality products and impeccable service. With our help investors and companies can realize their ideas and photovoltaic projects.